Monday, December 30, 2013

My sister, the self-proclaimed adult

This isn't a real post, I just thought it was funny. 

Holiday season = relaxing family time.
By that I mean, the parentals peace out to the beach leaving me in charge of the 14-yr-old sister.

I am not going for a sitter of the year award here, I really am trying to just keep her alive and functioning. 

Mama texted me asking about Chloe. 

Mama:  How's Midge* 
(Midge is little 5' nothing Chloe's nickname)

Me: She's eating ice cream for breakfast at 11:29 a.m. She can do that now, she is a self- proclaimed adult. 

Mama: Oh! That's my ice cream too! 

Me: She giggled and said, "too late."

Me: She also said you can have hers. Well, she didn't say that verbatim, she something more like, "If mama buys me some ice cream, I'll share. I'm nice like that. Sharing is caring." 

Mama: Isn't that sweet? 

Mama: Have any packages come? How's the cat? Is everything ok? 

Me: I'll call in an hour so I can reassure you about the packages, door locked-ness , cat, and Chloe. 

Mama: You know I worry. 

Mama: In fact, I'd feel better if we went over it 5 or 6 more times.

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