I would put my running stats first, so you'd have affirmation that I am, in fact, a legit runner that you should probably listen to (If you happen to love listening to fast people with, overall, bad ideas). But that would be boring. And it would totally go against the my-identity-is-more-than-a-number-on-a-results-page-dammit life philosophy.

So here's interesting facts that I would like to include in my own personal biography that will probably never be written! These facts should help you come to the conclusion that, yes, I am a person you should become emotionally invested in. 

1. I grew up an only child. Until I was 11. My parents had my sister when I was 11. I was the accident, not her. Which means I was raised by very young twenty somethings parents. Being a kid in my twenty somethings, I am positive that I don't know how they handled it. I assume with a lot of cheap beer, and by calling camping "family vacations" and by discouraging expensive fads like Lisa Frank. 

2. My first pets were 2 hamsters names Snowball and Stretch. Snowball was a mean mean creature who despised everything except food. She died of a heart attack, and I mourned her for hours saying, "she was such a good pet." Even though I knew she was a terrible pet. 

3. I have always grown up with cats. I want desperately for cats to love me. They don't. Because they are bitches. I don't like cats. There, I said it, I don't like cats. 

4. My great-grandmother (when she was 90 years old) one day sat me down and said, "You know, Phe, I have nothing to live for. I have absolutely no reason to wake up in the morning. But I do. And I treat myself to rice puddin every night. And I enjoy it." I learned a lot about attitude from Mimi. 

5. My best friend growing up was my cousin Jennifer. She cussed a lot and always convinced me to break rules. Being a rule follower for the most part, and having a dad that was quick to sentence physical labor and/or pain to those who weren't rule followers, Jennifer probably took years off my life. 

6. I challenged DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounder's best soccer player. Yeah, you heard me Dempsey) to a race on twitter. I told him he could pick the event: Beer mile, 800m, or a lap around the soccer field where he has to dribble to make it even. I even offered to let him use my uniform. I am still waiting for a response. 

7. I knew I wasn't great at singing, but I didn't know how bad I actually was until I recorded myself singing Delta Dawn last month. It was alarming, and it really hurt my karaoke self esteem. 

8. Milk is the greatest drink. Then coffee. Then Top shelf Margaritas from hole in the wall Mexican joints. 

9. I walked on to University of Tennessee's track team. I am pumped I was slow in high school. At the time I considered UT to be a disappointment, as I wanted to go to Colorado. It turned out to be the best disappointment ever. 

10. I won 5 NCAA titles. I was undefeated my senior year in the 800m. I ran 1.58.22 at the end of the year. 

My PRs: 
52.3 (In practice)

I'll write this Cinderella story for you one day. 

My deep, painful secret about running: I haven't come within a second of my 800m PR ever. I am on a quest to prove I am not a one hit wonder. 

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  1. 52.3?!?!? Dang girl, if that was recent, get into some blocks and get an FAT!