Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rank that Christmas Gift!

I come from a family that is nonmaterialistic by default because we are too lazy to go shopping. Thus making the Christmas gift exchange one of my favorite activities!

I suggested that instead of a gift exchange, we buy ourselves $100 worth of stuff online, and then bond by opening it together. But that would involve not procrastinating until the week of Christmas to order stuff.  

Highlights of the gift exchange: 

1. Nothing says I-procrastinated -on-buying-your-Xmas card like a disclaimer written in the card. It's perfect. My sister really knows how I define "love." With humor. (Also I am slightly alarmed at the lack of proof reading. Must run in the family.)  

2. This calendar. A breed specific calendar is a clear indication that I am too obsessed with my dog. 

Nanna learned how to make these scarves! Which means everyone in the family got a scarf! I forced my Aunt and Sis to take this photo. Aunt asked, "How are you wearing it?" Sister's response: "Like a tie. Hey, Phe! I got you this scarf!" (I smell a regift)

4. Two of my cousins didn't know what to get each other, so they exchanged $20. I think they are the only ones that truly understand the meaning of Christmas. 

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  1. What a amazing publish - and an especially in contact with and amazing gift. Thank you so much for becoming a individual of the come returning this year!