Sunday, November 3, 2013

First and Worst Posts

Nothing kills creative ingenuity like pressure. That is reason number one why I hate blogs. I'm not sure if I invented that little ditty of a motto, but if I did, I just impressed myself. Anyways. I have flirted with the idea of a blog many times. I usually start writing the first post, get 3 sentences in, and think a lot of discouraging things:
1. I am not good at grammar and spelling. Nor do I have the type-A personality to care about double checking my grammar or spelling. I just don't write good, Okay!
2. I lack transitions and continuity in thought. And sometimes I make up words.
3. Why the heck would anyone have to care what a 25 year old normal person would have to say. What insight do I possibly have to help your life? And how egotistic do I have to be to think you would even care about my life lessons. 
4. I run the 800. Meaning I go hard and fast at first and just try to hang on. This would sum up a lot of my life including blogs. I will be great about posting for maybe a week. Then the punctuated bursts will start to happen as I waver in focus. Then followed by a complete flat lining of blog life. 
5. Fucking blog titles

So here is my rebuttal to myself. 
1. I just will look stupid sometimes, and you will have to deal. 
2. I just will look stupid sometimes, and you will have to deal. 
3. I have a fan base of 825 twitter followers, and I will sacrifice and do it for my twitter fans. 
4. I couldn't even get through that sentence without losing focus
5. I am creating a spotifizzle (spotify) playlist of songs that are terribly superficial. I love them. I went from being ashamed that I loved them, to now proud of those 1980s rocks ballads and 1990s rap hits. Fast Food and Cheap Thrills. It is an entire album created for me when I feel like listening to entertaining trash. I feel right now this is an appropriate title, as I am about to fill your mind with entertaining trash. Enjoy. Or don't. I at least will be entertained when I reread these posts. 

My life centers around running, dogs, food, more dogs, my platonic life partner Erica Moore, and food. That is probably what I will blog about.