Monday, November 18, 2013

Confessions of a Professional Runner

That time I had to stop and tie my shoe, my shoelaces were fine, I just need a rest.
That time I said I’d do abs “later” I am still in debt those abs
I get tired on the warm up. 
I counted my strides in my weekly mileage.
I didn’t stop my watch at the stop light and counted it in my running time. 
I jumped up on the first pull up and counted it.
I have eaten a Dunkin' Donuts croissan'wich for breakfast every time I competed at Penn Relays. 
I didn’t really need to stop and stretch my calf on that long run.
 I considered my bike commute as my cross train for the day.
When you told me to bike, I went to Zumba instead.
I touched my toes for 10 seconds and counted it as stretching.
I  watched 3 hours of Dexter with a drug tester because I knocked over my partial pee cup.
I hate GPS watches. 
There was no traffic the day I was late to practice. 
I walked the cool down.


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