Monday, February 10, 2014

Elite Track. Harry Potter Style.

Elite Track Clubs personified as Harry Potter characters.

Just in case you need a refresher on HP click here
If you need a refresher on which group is what, click the names below.

Beasts Track Club: Fred and George Weasley
(Nick Symmonds, Garrett Heath, Katie Mackey, ME! Plus others)

The Weasley twins are very extroverted and have a lot of personality. They are clever and like having fun. They are focused on the present. The Beasts TC is known for their “run happy” motto. They believe that enjoying the process is a key to reaching the goal. They enjoy others’ company and have fun training and racing.

Oregon Track Club: Hagrid
(Andrew Wheating, Ashton Eaton, Sally Kipyego, Alexi Pappas, Julia Lucas +more)

Hagrid is eccentric, goofy, loyal and hates conflict. His most endearing quality is how much he cares for other people. OTC is eccentric, caring, goofy, loyal and hates conflict. They have a broader view of what “professional athlete” entails placing a high value on community outreach. They genuinely care about their fellow runners and Eugene community.

Nike Oregon Project: Snape
(Galen Rupp, Mo Farah, Mary Cain, Shannon Rowbury, Treniere Moser+more) 

Like Snape, the NOP is very smart and methodical. Being masterminds, they are very future and results oriented. They leave no stone unturned. They are mysterious, and keep to themselves, but everyone wants to be all up in their biz.

(Shalane Flanagan, Emily Infeld, Chris Solinsky, Evan Jagar, Chris Derrick, Ryan Hill, Lopez Lomong, German Fernandez, Dan Huling, +others) You studs are too good not to have a website! 

Harry is the star of the show. He hates the limelight, but is always in it. He values tradition and hard work. Schumacher’s group is in the headlines for kicking ass, but they don’t run for the fame--they run to be the best they can personally be. They are not scared to go up against the best, even when the best is supposed to be better than they are—just like Harry against He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. 

(Jenny S., Kara Goucher, Emma Coburn)

Hermione is very smart, organized, can handle a large work load, and a perfectionist. Wetmore’s group plans for the long term. They work very hard and are very smart about the work they do. They don’t get hasty and take one day at a time all with the end goal in mind.

NYNJ Track Club: Ron Weasley
(Robby Andrews, Kyle Merber, Mike Rutt, Ashley Higginson, Rena Tomlin +others)

Ron is not at the forefront of all the action, but he always plays a key role. He doesn’t necessarily have the brains of Hermione or the power of Harry, but what he lacks, he more than makes up with perseverance and comic relief. NYNJ is not usually the star of the show, but they always have people in the hunt. They are scrappy and willing to outwork people born with more talent or hype.  They have balance outside of running and all have stellar personalities.

Oiselle: Luna Lovegood
(Lauren Fleshman, Kate Grace, Christine Babcock, Lauren Wallace +others)

Luna is idealistic. She is open-minded and has a novel way of looking at things. She is a game-changer. Oiselle came into a sport that has a drastic need to be shaken up. They are not afraid to come up with new ideas and implement them (Like fashion week). They are friendly and approachable. Not to mention, they are flying under the radar with their heavy hitters.

Furman Elite: Ginny Weasley
(Nicole Bush, Stephanie Marie, Jack Wickens, Heidi Gregson, +others)

Ginny is younger than the other main characters. She is genuine, opinionated, and witty. The Furman Team is new to the elite track scene, but that has not stopped them from having confidence and big goals. They write clever blogs and are insightful in their perspective on elite running. Click here for documentary.

Leo Manzano: Neville Longbottom

Neville seems timid, but remember he is a Gryffindor. He may have anxiety taking risks, but when it is time to game up, he ALWAYS games up. He is very courageous. He also respects other people and is an advocate for fairness. Leo may be inconsistent throughout the season, but everyone knows he will be a factor in the championship races. When it is time to game up, he ALWAYS games up. He works with the Hispanic community and will go to extremes to help people.

Famigletti: Sirius Black

Sirius is edgy, opinionated, confident, and doesn’t care what others think of him.  He jumps passionately into ideas. Fam started Run Reckless exactly like he started races: decisively and with a lot of passion. He is unconventional, voices his opinion, and is not scared of public backlash.

Matt Elliott: Dumbledore
Dumbledore values his students’ well being above all. He has a mature outlook on the world, and is always looking out for others’ best interests. Matt teaches full time and cares about his students above all. He understands that running is a tool he can use to better himself and better the lives of his students.

Flotrack: Pensieve

A pensieve is an object used to review memories, just as Flotrack is a database to review races.

Letsrun: Maraudar’s Map

The map reveals all that goes on in Hogwarts just as Letsrun reveals all that goes on in the track world. The map is not fooled by invisabilty cloaks, polyjuice potions, or animagi, similar to Letsrun remaining objective in reporting running related news. The map also reveals ghosts, just as letsrun does not neglect retired runners.

Not to be confused with Letsrun messageboarders who would absolutely be Rita Skeeter with her quick quotes quill. If you want some barely accurate (but highly entertaining) news, check out the messageboards.

Runnerspace: Room of Requirement

The room of requirement is a room that is sometimes there and sometimes not, but it is equipped with the speaker’s needs. Runnerspace has virtually anything a runner could desire: blogs, videos, races, opinions, news. The trick is finding it.

Agents: Sorting Hat

Agents help place you with a shoe company in the same way the Sorting Hat helps place you in a house. Agents give their honest opinion, but ultimately yield to your decision. 


  1. One of the greatest things I have ever read. I am a huge fan of running and Harry Potter and feel you hit every one of these right on the head. Your blog is amazing and I love reading what you write. Good luck with the rest of your season.

  2. Very funny....and seemingly accurate. Well done.

  3. Phebs, this is THE BEST. You freaking rock. This is how I'm going to think of the scene from now on!

  4. Love this, and speaking as a fellow geek and running fan, I've always referred to myself as being a member of the Slug Club. I run with a well respected, old running club that supports first timers in every distance. Elite runners have come out of it, but by and large it's recreational folks like me who aren't exactly fast, but will slug their way across the marathon line :)

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  6. Very funny and insightful. Like how one is left out, an effective literary device there.