Wednesday, June 15, 2016

PHE-SHIRTS! (Like Tee Shirts but cooler)

Do you frequently stand in front of your closet shirtless and think, "man, it would be really cool if I had a decent shirt. A shirt that is more than just a regular old shirt--A shirt that stood for something, a shirt that helped fund a possible future olympian's dream, a shirt that shows my fan support for professional runner, Phe."
I too sometimes think that.
And now you, YES YOU, can own a Stop Phe Phe Shirt.

The shirt will not only allow you to quit walking around naked, but it will also personally warm my heart to know that there are literally dozens of you out there willing to support my goal of being an Olympian.

Seriously, you get a cool shirt and the satisfaction of knowing you made my day, and I get a little bit of funding for travel to the Olympic Trials.

Plus! If you find me at the Trials, let's take a selfphe! 



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    2012: Ann Gaffigan of the Track and Field Athletes’ Association, Addresses Rule 40, Agent help, using big names to help newer athletes.

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